It’s 1974 in Soulsville, USA.

An apathetic community lives from fix-to-fix, and pimps, thugs, and crooked cops rule the streets. Fresh from jail, the Negress arrives home and has to choose: turn away from the corrosive street life of Soulsville or accept his destiny as the unlikely hero of the community? Outrageous, hilarious, inspiring, and driven with kinetic song and dance, DIAL ‘N’ FOR NEGRESS features an original 16-song funk “blaxploitation” score including, “Pimp Knowledge,” “Break That Negress,” “Dig It (Can You?),” and “Walk On (Ah’m a Negress Man).”

From the creators of the 2005 NYIT award-winner for Best Musical and Best Choreography, IT’S KARATE, KID! THE MUSICAL, comes the sexy soulful original: DIAL ‘N’ FOR NEGRESS. It’s a musical with its own attitude. Dig it in New York City September 10-26.